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The New Boston Industrial Park is a 65 acre tract, all or any part of which is available for use of a project.
AAR Defense & Logistics
Size/Total Developable Area
AAR Defense & Logistics, New Boston-CDF, a warehousing plant located at the Industrial Park. This building was constructed in the later part of 2004. AAR has been in the park since 2006 There are 60 acres remaining in the Industrial Park. The entire 60 acres are open and available for evaluation of which use would best serve a projects purpose. An access road off Texas State Highway 98 is in place to the beginning of the 60 acre site. This "Farm to Market" type road has recently been constructed and will serve truck traffic. In addition, there is land adjoining this acreage that could very likely be purchased.
Access via Air and Truck
Highway Access
The Industrial Park is adjacent to I-30 interchange. The entry to the access road is approximately 200-300 feet from eastbound and westbound entry to I-30. From there, the distance to the Park is approximately 200 yards.
The Industrial Park is approximately 24 miles from the nearest airport via I-30. Texarkana Regional Airport is 30 minutes away. Limited freight service to and from Dallas Intl. Airport and Houston is available four times daily.

The largest metropolitan airport within 100 miles is Shreveport, Louisiana. Dallas, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas are within 160 miles.

There are over 35 truck terminals in the surrounding area. Three of the terminals are located in New Boston from 1-4 miles of the Industrial Park. The other 32 terminals are located in and around Texarkana via I-30, approximately 20 miles from the Park.

Highway Transportation Hub

I-30 Adjoining
US 82 1/2 mile
US 67 8 miles
US 259 11 miles
US 71 20 miles
US 59 35 miles
US 49 22 miles


The NAFTA Connection
I-49 & US-59


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